About the photographer

Born and raised in Madrid, I'm the oldest daughter of a huge photo enthusiast. My father always had a camera in hand. so I was probably the most photographed kid of the seventies. It’s no wonder as a teenager I rescued my father's old Nikkormat and started to shoot on my own. And I grew to love it!

It took me about ten years to consider myself an artist, though. In the process, I needed to go to college, start and quit a few careers and leave my country.
Bah, no big deal.

I also went to Photography School where I met some great photographers that made me understand the many ways photography can be approached.

I came to New York for the first time in 2000 but, as many other tourists, as soon as I finished the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge I turned back to the city without even wondering what was going on at the other side of the East River.

In August of 2008, I came back to visit my friend Victor for the whole month. He used to live in Crown Heights and I started to discover a brand new city that had nothing to do with the New York I had known so far. Brooklyn was authentic. It was not the city I had seen in the movies, but I immediately fell for the vibrant energy I could feel from it, far away from the glamour of Manhattan.

Back in Spain I got all the signals that helped me make out my mind. Everything I liked came from Brooklyn: the music I listened to, the photographers I admired, the movie makers I was fond of... "What the hell is going on in this place?, Why all the cool things come from Brooklyn??" So I had to go to find out.